Name: Jesper Mayntzhusen

Occupation: Multimedia design student

Availability: Looking for an internship, focusing on front-end development, beginning in the summer 2016!

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About me



Personal interests



Here is my CV, if you click it you will download it as a pdf:


About me

About me


My name is Jesper Christensen Mayntzhusen, I am a 23 year old multimedia design student at Lillebælt Academy in Odense, Denmark.

I started studying multimedia design in January 2015, and have been loving it ever since. My favourite part of it is interaction, I have always been very logical and structured by nature, so programming is very enjoyable to me.

I am currently looking for an internship starting in the summer 2016 (july-august) and lasting 3-5 months. My dream internship would be working with front-end development, and learning more about properly structuring a larger website.

Before studying multimedia design I studied at an International Baccalaureate where my main focus areas were Math, English and Physics.

I have a lot of experience working with different cultures both at my current education where I’m in the international class, but also at the IB which is inherently international.

Creating a custom WordPress theme project

Creating a custom WordPress theme project

The task of this project was to create a custom theme for WordPress, the company should be a cafe, and it should have both an index page and some page design.

I chose a cafe here in Odense called Froggy’s cafe, I decided to use their logo since this was mainly an interaction exercise and not a design one. I did however create a new design identity for them to not steal too much from the original site.

The final result can be viewed here:


Project for consulting firm Dacapo A/S

Project for consulting firm Dacapo A/S

For the 2nd semester exam at my multimedia design education I had a consulting firm from Odense, Denmark, that wanted a multimedia solution that could help them better connect to their clients when they were out consulting – with specific weight on larger crowds.

This project was a group project where I was lucky to work together with 4 talented multimedia designers: Denisa Cristina Staicu, Emilia Smolen, Greta Forino and Hawar Abdulwahid.

The final product ended up being a web application where Dacapo’s clients would be able to log in to answer questions to a live session, write an email to Dacapo’s management, see a calendar of future Dacapo events, see any documentation in forms of videos or maybe info-graphics on how they responded in the live session.

The live website for the web can be found here:


To access the website you have to log in with an email and the password: “test”.

This was a group project so of course I can’t take credit for everything, but one of the things that I specifically created was the index page that was set up much like WordPress with a php function to include a header and footer, as well as a php loop to include some content between the header and footer that was dependent on the links you clicked through a GET method.

The code for the page can be seen here.

Website design from picture

Website design from picture

This was an individual project where the task was to create a fully functioning website (not including linking to other sites) from a picture. The picture looked like this:




I started by taking measurements of all the elements to make sure my website ended up looking as close to the picture as possible, the measurements I took looked like this:


Which was a little crazy, but in the end the final result became pretty much a true copy of the picture, the online version can be found here.

This was before our introduction to JavaScript at the multimedia design study, but I had been practicing a bit of JavaScript on my own time, so I wanted to try it out and I made some pretty nice effects on the page as well.

jQuery mobile project

jQuery mobile project

During the 2nd semester of MMD we had an individual project where we had to learn to use jQuery mobile and PHP with database interactions. The task was simple, and most people chose to make a login-form or maybe even an e-mail subscription list.

I instead had an idea to create a condition based text game, where the users inputs further the story and interacts with the database. The game can be found here.


I learned a lot about php syntax and using conditionals in order to further the story. The code is rather messy and I could have optimized it a lot now, but it was a very fun exercise and it turned into an interesting little game.

Since I like fantasy I decided to make the game about a knight who had to save a princess from an ogre, the visual style I used was limited, since that was not really the focus of the project. I did however make an illustrator image of a castle gate that served as a background, as well as having a Gothic style text for the headline. It also had a weapon crest with the logo I had used for my first iteration of my portfolio website.

Contact me

Contact me

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I am very interested in internship offers for the summer 2016, with a focus on front-end development.

My phone number is: (+45) 20 92 73 90

My email is:

My linkedIn profile is: here


Personal interests

Personal interests

I am a big fantasy and sci-fi fan, especially Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

I like to read, play computer games and travel.

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I follow American Football where my favorite team is the New England Patriots, I have also played American Football many years ago when I was an exchange student in America, and I still throw a ball around with friends sometimes during the summer. Here I am during a football game back in 2008!